DEBONGO Kaper Kids Sandals

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DEBONGO Kaper Kids Sandals, Blue Colour, New Stylish and Comfortable Kid's Kaper Sandals.

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New Stylish and Comfortable Kid's

Kaper Sandals. 

Brand Manifesto

Who we are ?


DeBongo the brand voice of youth and fashion is an exciting footwear experience. The Irresistible fashion vibe persuades the exuberance of youth whether it's a casual, executive,

fancy or trendy mode of footwear segment Youth can experience the all-new footwear comfort that De Bongo' pulls on.


The Youth’s most electric fashion is fast and furious.

Breathable footwear fabric transitions for all seasons are in the range. The all time sole staple line up in an extensive range of silhouettes.


Designs are eye- catching, contemporary, and chic that falls in formal wear, casual wear, sportswear, boots, vintage and lot more. De Bongo' has an array of shoes for both men and women with design inspirations from fusion music and street fashion.

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