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WALKAROO KIDS SCHOOL SHOE WV552, Black Colour, New Stylish and Comfortable Kid's School Shoe.

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New Stylish and Comfortable Kid's

School Shoe. 

Brand Manifesto


A new, young India is on the rise.

‘A young India that is walking past a lot

A lot of archaic ideas and debilitating mindsets

It is walking past a leash on ambition

And a cap on one’s dreams

It is walking beyond the average and middle of the road

It is leaving towards a brighter morrow

And a belief that just about anything is possible

Any goal is achievable

As long as you walk towards it

Several restless steps at a time’

While for one part of India, contentment continues to remain a defining value, for another it has in itself become a source of discontentment!

As a culture, Indians has always drawn a thick line between goals and greed. While aspirations may have been limitless, ambitions filtered through the lens of prioritization and practicality had always been limited. We had been tutored and trained to believe that the ultimate mantra in life was to seek contentment in what you had versus feeling deprived of what you did not.


We are made to believe that no human being could desire to have everything in life. We were asked to set our sights on a few goals and purpose our lives towards achieving them. We were told to fly but also remain grounded. We were encouraged to move forward but through steps not leaps. Contentment was not just seen as a virtue, it was our most fundamental operating value & belief in life.


You will not find this Indian through a gender or a geography or an income class or a race. You will find this Indian through an attitude, a philosophy and driving belief. To understand how this Indian is different , you have to understand how the mindset towards goals in life is different.


Meet the ‘Infinity Chaser’! Greed is God. Goals are like stars in the sky – forever moving and countless. For him discontentment is the only form of contentment. His inspiration, his drive, his energy, his sunrise is all based on one thing – HUNGER FOR MORE!


Craving is confidence and Walkaroo is his confidant. Together we pledge to never settle but always remain unsettled. Together we pledge to avoid moderation and believe in doing the excess. Together we pledge to never rest but always be in a state of restlessness.


With a point–of–view that ‘Feet feel restless when they are rested’, we are on a mission to make every two young feet walk the distance of twenty!


So be it the canvas of our shoes or our conversations, we are forever trying to encourage and equip this young Indian to walk more, explore more and realize more.

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